Teaching Assistant

This Primary school Teaching Assistant job in Lewisham is perfect for aspiring teachers. You will be working alongside some of the best teachers, gaining unrivalled experience.

The Role:

As a Primary School Teaching Assistant, your primary responsibility would be to support the classroom teacher in the teaching and learning process of young children. Here are some of the tasks and responsibilities you might have:

  • Supporting the teacher in planning and delivering lessons: You may be required to work with the teacher to plan and prepare lessons, and help with the delivery of these lessons.
  • Providing feedback to students: You may be required to provide feedback to students on their work, and help them to improve their performance overall.
  • Classroom management: You may be required to assist the teacher in maintaining discipline and order in the classroom.
  • Working 1:1 or with small groups of students: You may be required to work with students who need extra help in certain subjects, or to help groups of students complete tasks.
  • Monitoring student progress: You may be required to track and monitor the progress of individual students or groups of students, and report back to the teacher.

Overall, your role as a primary school teaching assistant will be to support the teacher in creating a positive and effective learning environment for the children.

About the school:

This is a friendly school where everyone is valued. They want the children to achieve all they possibly can while enjoying their time at the school. They like to go on trips and often bring visitors into school to support the children's learning. They also enjoy learning outdoors through their 'Forest School' curriculum which takes place in their local park.

If you are interested in applying for this Teaching Assistant role in Lewisham, please contact Shreya at Magisters Education.


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