Magisters Support

Through this difficult period, Magisters remain by your side to ensure you have the tools, skills and opportunities to earn a flexible income throughout lockdown, in the way that suits you.


Flexible working opportunities during lockdown

We’re adapting for both our schools and our staff to ensure we can continue to support the education system through meeting the needs of our client schools whilst training and remaining determined to explore new opportunities for our staff to make a real difference.


Remote Learning

Supporting our teaching staff and tutors, Magisters can connect you with the best suited remote teaching/tutoring opportunities with 100s of schools local to you.

We offer certified training courses to subject specialist supply teachers and experienced learning assistants who wish to work with pupils across Primary and Secondary ages, delivering outstanding tuition online either 1:1 with pupils or in a small group of up to 3.

Our qualified teaching staff continue to deliver outstanding lessons to pupils of all ages online.

Complete your registration with us today to explore remote teaching or tutoring opportunities.


In Person Support

Keyworker children and those most vulnerable pupils are still attending school and in need of on-going support, despite the lockdown.

In light of this, Magisters endeavours to continue to provide our schools with the resources and support they need through this period. Our staff continue to make a real difference in the lives of many.

With schools having to reallocate their resources on short notice with the ever changing dynamics of then pandemic, our team remain on hand to ensure that collectively with our fantastic staff, we can continue to enable keyworkers to attend their jobs whilst our staff and schools strive to make a difference in the lives of pupils.

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